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Steve Galletta is the Co-Owner/Outfitter of the Bighorn Angler in Fort Smith, MT and the author of Fly Fishing the Bighorn River released in July 2015 by Stockpole/Headwater Books.

His passion for match the hatch dry fly fishing brought him to the Bighorn River ten years ago, where he has introduced anglers to the intricacies of the one of the world’s best tailwater rivers.

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The Bighorn River – World’s Best Tailwater

Steve Galletta has a passion for dry fishing and matching the hatch, that's what attracted him to the Bighorn River 10 years ago. A professional guide, Steve will share his secrets about one of the world's best tailwater rivers.

During the off season he enjoys sharing his fly fishing passion with others by doing slideshow presentations for The Fly Fishing Show attendees and trout clubs.

He believes that we all have a responsibility to give back to the rivers that provide us with so much enjoyment. In an effort to sustain the blue ribbon trout fishery that is the Bighorn River, he is actively involved with the Bighorn River Alliance and Bighorn River Foundation. More of his content can be found at


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