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Spencer Seim lives a life devoted to fishing. He cast his first fly at age 8 and tied his first fly at age 12. To satisfy his true wandering spirit, Spencer spent most of his adult life in his waders. He guided his first trip in Boulder creek in 1995. The next several years brought forth some amazing adventures which eventually landed him back in northern New Mexico in 2002. He has guided the southern Rockies ever since.

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New Mexico's Trout Waters

Spencer Seim has been guiding in northern New Mexico since 1995 and calls the Cimarron River, Rio Grande, Costilla Creek, and Ute Creek his home waters. Listen in to hear where and when to come to this picture perfect area and find out how to best fish these mountain waters.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What are the top three most scenic and productive trout streams in northern New Mexico?
  • What is the best time of year to fish northern New Mexico?
  • Where can you catch the native Rio Grande Cutthroat trout?
  • What is Rio Costilla Creek best known for?
  • What is the special hatch that occurs on the Cimmarron River?
  • What river has an incredible trico hatch?
  • What river is known for its awesome dry fly fishing?
  • What is Spencer's connection to the book "The Feather Thief"?


Spencer has an affinity for classic salmon flies. The complexity and beauty have kept his attention for many years. It was through this hobby that spencer learned how to dye tying materials and even make his own hooks. Spencer ties the classics using the old method of tying “in hand” with no vise or bobbin.

Spencer’s work has been represented in several publications including Kirk W Johnson’s book “The Feather Thief”. He is the owner and founder of ZiaFly guide service in Taos, NM and has been guiding the area for 18 years. He lives with his wife Sophia, daughter Olivia Pearl and son Ivo.


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