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Just about everyone has dreamt of taking a year off to fulfill a dream. Librarian Shelley Walchak lived her dream by giving up her job at the Colorado State Library to fly fish a river a week for a year. Walchak bought and outfitted a camper, purchased camera equipment and a computer and hit the road. She decided to stay in the Rocky Mountain States – Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Her photographs and blog posts of her journey became the book 52 Rivers.

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52 Rivers

Shelley Walchak decided to challenge herself and set a goal to fish 52 rivers in one year. She quit her job and fished seven states in the Rocky Mountains, which turned into one of those journey's she'll never forget. Join us to hear how she conceived, planned and completed this epic fly fishing adventure.

"Taking two years to research and write 52 Rivers was a dream come true. After publishing the book, I decided to try for an IPPY award and when the results came through that I had won a gold medal, I realized that my work was accepted and honored by others as well. It doesn't get much better than that."


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