Russ Schneider

Fly Fisher, Guide, Author

Russ Schneider was born when Stevie Wonder released the funkiest song of all time, Superstition. His hometown is Helena, Montana.

Russ was a Backpacking, Fishing, Hiking, and Rafting guide with Glacier Guides and Montana Raft from 1994 to 2002 and has been back as a fishing guide since 2019. He is the author of Fishing Glacier National Park, Hiking the Columbia River Gorge, and the co-author of Hiking Montana and Backpacking Tips with his father Bill Schneider who was the co-founder of FalconGuides.

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Fly Fishing Glacier National Park

Russ Schnieder has worked as a fishing, hiking and rafting guide in Glacier for more than 25 years. He will be sharing his intimate knowledge of this fly fisher’s paradise. Join us to learn about the park and how to enjoy all it offers to fly fishers.

When Russ is not fishing, floating, hiking, writing or biking he is probably crunching numbers on an outside consulting project or doing some community thing. Russ is known for his custom Rapid Robert style wooden drift boat and his appreciation for native park fisheries. As Russ says “The key to life is to build communities around things you care about - whether that is your family or your hobby or your cause.” What's his favorite place?  He won't disclose all his secret spots…but it's definitely in the park.


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