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Rod Hamilton has been an avid fly fisher for fifty years, chasing salmon, trout, and steelhead from his home base in British Columbia, Canada.

He is a well-known author having written the books Do It Yourself Bonefishing and the recently published Fly Fishing the Yucatan in addition to being a contributor to various industry magazines and online periodicals.

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DIY Fly Fishing Vacations

Rod Hamilton has been helping fly fishers find the best do it yourself locations for many years. He's traveled the world looking for locations that have local fishing experts that can be called upon for help, accurate fishing reports, vacation rental properties and other points of interest you may want to explore. Many times it's not easy to find these locations but Rod has made it happen. Join us and help me pick Rods brain on how to make a do it yourself fishing vacation a memorable one.

Much of his time is now spent building and operating the website the culmination of a seven-year journey sharing his passion with like minded anglers. The new site is the first of its kind where an angler can obtain the information they want on local destinations, talk directly to 100’s of local experts and then book Vacation Rental accommodation at each of the fishing destinations.

The website along with the newly introduced DIY Fishing APP are the ultimate tools for the worlds traveling anglers wanting to know “where-to-fish” and “where-to-stay”.


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