Rene Harrop

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Guide/Writer

Rene Harrop’s interest in fishing started in 1954 when he was nine years old. His father started taking him to the many fine rivers in the Yellowstone region where they explored and fished together. Rene fishes almost every day sometimes just for a few hours but always manages to fish two to three full days each week.

In 1968 Rene started fly tying commercially on a part-time basis and within three years built it into a full-time business the House of Harrop.

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Fly Fishing Tactics & Fly Designs for Henry's Fork Toughest Trout

Rene Harrop has fished the Henry's Fork for 56 years. His experience is unmatched on this challenging spring creek. Join us and learn about the fish, insects and fly fishing techniques for this incredible fishery.

He was also a founding partner in the Trout Hunter a lodge and fly shop located in Island Park, Idaho, which opened in 1998.

Over the years he has been a professional fly tier, artist, river guide, fly fishing consultant and angling writer.

Rene has been involved in many conservation endeavors and was a founding president of the Upper Snake River Fly Fishers (1972) and a founding member of the Henry’s Fork Foundation (1984).

Rene’s first book Trout Hunter was publishing in 2004 by Pruett Publishing and his most recent book Learning from the Water was published in 2010 by Stackpole Publishing.

He also produced many DVDs including Life Cycle of the Mayfly, Life Cycle of the Caddisfly, Tying with Turkey and Favorite Flies.

Rene’s home water is the Henry’s Fork and his other favorites the Madison, Fire Hole, Yellowstone, Gallatin and the South Fork of the Snake are all within a three hour drive.


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