Paul McCain

Fly Fisher, Fly Tier, Guide, Instructor

Paul McCain has been an avid fly-fisherman for 30 years. He has fished in South America, Montana and up and down the east coast. It was the love of the sport that led him to teach fly tying and become a certified casting instructor and guide; in 2014, he opened his own fly shop.

River Bay Outfitters is the only dedicated fly shop on Long Island, and Paul stocks a full range of rods reels, line and flies for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. He's also continued to teach, and through River Bay, Paul host fly tying, fly fishing classes and seminars. He also organizes trips where customers join him at fishing destinations both well known and not so well known.

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Long Island's Fly Fishing Treasures

Paul McCain guides out of his shop, River Bay Outfitters on Long Island. He fishes many types of water both fresh and salt and for many species of fish. Long Island has so much to offer it's difficult to know where to begin. Paul will guide us to some well known and not so well known places on Long Island and open your eyes to all that's possible. Join us and explore Long Island fly fishing.

Questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What are the prime areas for striped bass?
  • Where can you fish the flats on Long Island?
  • What is public access like for fishing the shoreline?
  • Where do you find the larger striped bass?
  • What are the four best flies for striped bass and bluefish?
  • Where can you fish for trout and bass at the same time?
  • What rivers are the best for trout fishing?
  • What are kettle and mill ponds?



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