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Oliver White fell in love with fishing early on in his life. Since then he’s let fishing guide him through life fishing the four corners of the world and enjoying every minute of it.

His primary job is running two lodges in the Bahamas. Abaco Lodge is dear to him as he built it from scratch in 2008. It quickly rose in the ranks and is regarded as one of the premier bonefishing lodges in the world.

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Bahamas Bonefish

Oliver White has fished all over the world for many exotic species but his home turf in the Bahamas is still where he is most comfortable. The flats of the Bahamas have always been known for outstanding bonefishing and Oliver knows it well. Join us to learn the ins and outs of fly fishing the Bahamas for bonefish.

Bair's Lodge is a long time stalwart in the bonefishing world. The fabled flats of South Andros Island have beckoned anglers for a long time, and called to him for his first saltwater trip. It has been close to him ever since and he became a partner in 2008.

Oliver is also a partner in Indifly along with Al Perkinson, which was formed in 2014. Their mission is to help create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities by teaching them how to use fly fishing as a form of income. The result is low impact tourism that drives dollars and creates meaningful and permanent conservation efforts. Far and away this is his favorite thing to work on. It all started with a small village named Rewa deep in the interior of Guyana. They are also working on projects in French Polynesia and in Wyoming -with a few other prospects.

To learn more about Oliver and the projects he is involved in visit: Oliver White Fishing.


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