Misty Dhillon

Fly Fisher, Guide, Travel Coordinator

A passionate angler at heart, Misty Dhillon started obsessing over fly fishing for the Golden Mahseer in 1994. Golden Mahseer are a highly evolved, bio-indicator fish species that swim in rivers across the rugged Himalayan foothills of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

As a guide and Himalayan tour-operator for 15 years; Misty fulfilled his travelers' needs for safety, certainty and consistency while manifesting their contradictory call of stepping into the unknown. Their need for angling-explorations, adventure, dissolving assumptions about fishers but also cultures. Seeking rewarding, unexpected moments, perspectives and cultural insights that leave lasting impressions.

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Golden Mahseer

Misty Dhillon had been guiding and traveling in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar since 1994 in search of Golden Mahseer. These fish are a highly evolved, bio-indicator fish species that swim in rivers across the rugged Himalayan foothills. Listen in and learn about this incredible fish and what it takes to bring one to the net.

Misty’s passion hence lead him to organize pioneering fly-fishing expedition travel often involving complicated logistics; special permits and much of the stepping into the unknown as one can imagine in the remote, sub-Himalaya. Hence his time creating a career in the outdoor travel industry lead him to create angling-pilgrimages for travelers from across the world. Working with some of the region's best operators has equipped Misty with the knowledge, international connections, and know-how to run fine, attention-to-detail adventure journeys. In addition, Misty is also a certified casting instructor from the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Over the past two decades, Misty Dhillon has also been involved in efforts of community conservation to protect watersheds and Golden Mahseer habitat. A journey that brought Misty a much deeper connection to the communities that surround Golden Mahseer habitat, allowing Misty to understand the importance of attentive, intentional and meaningful travel when visiting these remote locations.

Misty Dhillon brings his expertise of adventure travel into the vision of Maryland based, Transformative Travel LLC. A travel company he and his wife Aikta Suri Dhillon co-founded in early 2019.


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