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Michele White is a retired international exploration geologist. She owns Tumbling Trout fly shop in Lake George, Colorado and is a professional fly fishing guide. She has been fly fishing and rowing a dory (she is a certified boat handler) on the great rivers of the west for 20 years. Michele is writer (under Michele Murray) and a contributing editor on the masthead for Mountain Gazette, (thanks to John Fayhee), and has been published in Discover the Outdoors, EQUUS, Fly Fishing World, Native People's Magazine, New Tribal Dawn, and The Aquarian.

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Lesser Known Fly Fishing Venues in South Park

Michele White, a professional guide in Lake George, Colorado, has extensively explored, fished and documented the tributaries of the South Platte River in South Park. South Park is home to Lake George, the Tarryall River, Lost Creek, Tomahawk, Badger Basin and the headwaters of the South Platte River. Listen in to this podcast if you're looking for fishing locations that are less pressured than the South Platte River but still in easy reach of the Denver metro area.

Her stories (under Michele Murray) are included three anthologies:

  • Colorado Mountain Dogs, published by WestWinds Press, 2014;
  • Comeback Wolves: Western Writers Speak for Wolves in the Southern Rockies, published by Johnson Books, 2005; and
  • Hell's Half Mile: River Runners' Tales of Hilarity and Misadventure, published by Breakaway Books, 2004.

In addition to her fishing atlas, she has written two books:

  • Eulogies and Dead Horses - essays about life while fishing and working as geologist; and
  • Between the Rivers, - fly fishing stories with fellow authors, Al Marlowe and Karen Christopherson.


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