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As all great fly fisherman of a certain age, Matthew Austin first got stoked on fly fishing from the era of dreamy Brad Pitt filled silver screen time in a "River Runs Throught It."

He first started fishing on bass ponds in his native Kansas City and chasing small trout in fisheries like Bennett Springs and later the White River. His real fishing life started in college when he visited and then relocated to Florida after catching his first bonefish. After a move to San Diego to complete his Master of Architecture degree he discovered the only way to keep his flats skills well honed away from his beloved Keys was fishing for "wakeing" carp on the lakes of Southern California.

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Carp on the Fly - Southern California Style

Matt Austin and Kory Van Tassel professional guides out of La Jolla, California take us on a search for carp in the lakes and streams of southern California. Join us to find out how to catch carp California style.

Kory Van Tassel knows how to do nothing besides fly fish. Growing up in PA there is almost no better fun than chasing fish in its many fabled waters. Starting to work in a Fly Shop the day he turned 16, he has has commercially tied, guided, and instructed for almost two decades. He founded The Fly Stop in 2006, and has been running his own shop ever since. He migrated across the country to set up a new foundation in San Diego in 2011. Trout are his roots, mako sharks are his new found passion.

Kory and Aussie are the force behind and their new La Jolla, California fly shop. Host to the Carp Throwdown and the Conway Bowman Blue Water Guide Service where mako fishing, trophy bass and the venerable carp reign supreme..


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