Landon Mayer

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Landon Mayer has been guiding professionally in Colorado on the South Platte River since 1997. His success in catching trout is fueled by an addiction to pursue large trout with small flies and lightweight fly-fishing equipment.

Landon enthusiastically teaches and demonstrates his techniques and on-river knowledge to fellow anglers and has developed innovative strategies for sighting, hooking, and landing selective trout.

Listen to Landon Mayer's Shows...

Fly Fishing for Big, Huge, Monster Trophy Trout

Passion and love for the sport of fly fishing is what motivates Landon. His success in catching trophy trout is fueled by an addiction of pursuing large trout with small flies and lightweight fly fishing equipment. Listen to Landon's secrets on sight fishing for huge trophy trout.

Sight Fishing for Trout

Landon Mayer has perfected the art of sight fishing for trout. His strategies and techniques have worked time after time landing him and his clients many trophy trout. Listen in and learn about the method he uses.

Trout Hunting Colorado's Four Seasons

Landon Mayer has fished Colorado his whole life and has guided across the state for many years. Listen to this podcast to find out when the best seasons are to fish and how to fish them.

Trout Tips

Landon Mayer, a veteran instructor and professional guide, will help you analyze your past mistakes and learn how to adapt to a wide range of fishing conditions. He uses unorthodox solutions for common fly fishing problems but they are all designed to help you catch more fish. Join us and Landon will help you sharpen your skills.

The Hunt For Giant Trout

Landon Mayer has fished and researched many of the best places to catch giant trout. Fishing locations from Alaska to Maine Landon has created the ultimate bucket list of places to fish. Join us and discover what makes these fisheries so special and learn the secrets to catching monster trout.

Sight Fishing for Trout Revisited

Seeing trout is a learned skill and Landon Mayer has perfected it. Ed Engle thinks Landon maybe part osprey but I’m sure he’s got some heron in him too, either way, he can see fish and can teach you how to as well. Listen to this podcast and learn how to see more fish on your next trip.

He shares these tips and secrets in his books Colorado's Best Fly Fishing, Sight Fishing for Trout, and How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life, in addition to two DVDs: Landing the Trout of Your Life and Weapons of Bass Production, both of which also feature John Barr.

Landon's passion for fly fishing has allowed him to make several noteworthy contributions to the sport. Among them are his appearances as the headliner in the International Sports Exposition Shows (ISE) at each of their shows in four states for five years, 2008 - 2013 ( Landon travels to fly-fishing related organizations in regions of the Mid-Atlantic, west, Pacific Northwest, southwest, and southern states, teaching through guided trips, fly-fishing classes, presentations, and demonstrations of his techniques.

Landon is a contributing writer for Fly Fisherman and High Country Angler magazines. His contributions also have been featured in publications such as Field and Stream, Fly Rod and Reel, American Angler, Southwest Fly Fishing, and Fish and Fly magazines.

As an ambassador in the fly-fishing industry, Landon represents several lines including Simms Fly Fishing apparel and is a royalty fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. He is also an advisory team member of Simms, Ross, Scientific Angler, Smith Optics, Fish Pond, and Casio Pro Trek watches.

For more information on Landon's' guide service, books, articles and DVDs visit his web site at www.Landon


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