Kristen Mustad

Fly Fisher, Reel Designer

Kristen Mustad is the founder of Nautilus Reels, the leading manufacturer of fly fishing reels. Nautilus Reels was founded in 2003 with a vision to make the finest fly fishing reel in the market. Under Kristen’s leadership, Nautilus has won over a dozen industry awards for best fly fishing reel and the company keeps raising the bar on fly reel performance.

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Nautilus Reels – Striving for Excellence

Kristen Mustad, the owner of Nautilus Reels, has brought his company to the forefront of the fly fishing industry. His innovations drive the market and stand out above the crowd. Listen in to hear how he built his company, designs and tests his reels and consistently strives for excellence.

Questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How did you get started in the fly fishing reel business?
  • What made you decide to reinvent the company?
  • How did you differentiate your self in the beginning days?
  • What were the biggest design breakthroughs you had?
  • What reel model do you consider the most versatile?
  • How do you test your reels?
  • Why do large arbor reels make more sense?
  • What qualifications do your people have that make the reels?
  • Where do you see Nautilus in the future of the industry?


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