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John Vaulk, the Owner of Grindstone Angling and Outfitters, has been fly fishing for more than 40 years and guiding since he opened Grindstone in 1993. He can teach you anything from the beginner levels of casting to advanced stages of double hauling for distance or the right presentation to fool any wary trout or steelhead.

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Saugeen River - 100 Miles of Diverse Fly Fishing

John Valk, a professional guide and outfitter, has been fly fishing for over 40 years. His knowledge of the Saugeen River in Ontario Canada is hard to beat. The Saugeen is one of the most diverse fisheries you'll find with brook, rainbow and brown trout, salmon, steehead, smallmouth bass, northern pike, perch and panfish. What more could you want? Join us to learn more about what the Saugeen has to offer.

John is a certified Fly-casting instructor with the F.F.F. In 1995 he introduced the first drift boat to the great rivers of Ontario. He spends over 200 days a year on the water and can work any casting situation to produce a positive outcome for his clients or students. John is also a professional licensed guide in British Columbia and Alberta and chases trout and migratory species all over Canada. His experiences in flyfishing have taken him from the great Atlantic salmon Rivers of eastern Canada and Iceland to the Steelhead Rivers in the west or south for the mighty Tarpon and bonefish.

John has been a Professional guest or Guide for Numerous flyfishing T.V. shows Including ESPN’s Flyfishing video Magazine, a number of shows for Oakland Outdoors, WFN’s Reel Roadtrip and the New Flyfisher Shows.

His Steelhead knowledge, Fly fishing methods and Fly Patterns have been published in many books in North America, Best rivers for Great lakes Steelhead, Steelhead Dreams, Great lakes Steelhead, Lake Erie Steelhead guide and Ontario’s Blue Ribbon Flyfishing guide are some of the titles.


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