Jim Teeny

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Fly Line Designer

Jim Teeney is one of the first names that should come to mind when the words Fly Fishing Innovator come up in conversation. First there was the Teeny Nymph, which he designed at age 16 for large, cruising trout at Oregon's East Lake. Little did he realize then, as junior in High School, how this simple fly pattern would impact his future. As he experienced growing successes with his Teeny Nymph fly pattern, Jim began to experiment with different color variations of the fly and was able to have increasing success even on other species of fish. After keeping the fly a secret for 9 years, Jim started the Teeny Nymph Company in July of 1971. This was the start-up of what is now Jim Teeny, Inc., the business which Jim and his wife, Donna, now run from their HQ's in Gresham, Oregon.

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Fly Line Design and Application

Jim Teeny, originator of the integrated sinking fly line, is always on the cutting edge of fly line design. Learn the differences between the lines and how to use them best to catch more fish.

Innovation was to become a habit with Jim. He conceived of an idea for sinking fly lines which resulted in his T-Series sinking tip fly lines, a concept what was welcomed all across the fly fishing community, from Steelhead fly fisherman to deep water off-shore Salt water fisherman. Jim has, subsequently, designed a full line of specialty fly lines that range from full floating lines to deep sinking salt water lines.

Jim has appeared on many television shows teaching and sharing his innovations and techniques with interested fly fishers from all across our land and other countries. He has authored articles in major fishing publications and been featured in articles by other authors as well. Jim's new book, Fly Fishing Great Waters, documents the fly fishing adventures of his life with a focus on some of his favorite fly fishing spots in the world. Full of great photography, this hard bound coffee table book is hard to put down. In 1988, Jim was featured in an award winning video (now on DVD), Catching More Steelhead, produced by Scientific Anglers.

One of Jim's proudest moments was taking the Gold at the "Pacific Rim Fly Fishing Tournament" held in B.C. Canada September 2007.

As a member of the TFO Advisory/Pro Staff, Jim's innovative contributions have continued with his designing of the Jim Teeny Series of fly rods. The Teeny Series of rods are smooth casting fly rods built with a powerful butt section for lifting strong, heavy fish and powering up distance casts. Jim's knowledge, experience and passion for the sport of fly fishing have helped and will help tremendously as the folks at TFO seek to honor their commitment to build affordably priced, high performance fly rods.

To learn more about Jim Teeny and his fly lines visit his website


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