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Jeff Currier was born in Massachusetts and grew up fly fishing throughout New England.  After that he received his degree from Northland College in Wisconsin then moved to the Yellowstone area and lived for 34 years.

Now Jeff resides in Hayward, Wisconsin with his wife Yvonne where he bases his globe-trotting career in fly fishing.  He is an active member of the R.L. Winston Rod Co Professional Advisory Team as well as Simms, Scientific Anglers, Costa Sunglasses, Fly Fishers International, Yeti, Aire Rafts, Outcast Boats, Kates Real Foods, Be Alive and Bauer Reels.  Jeff is a “Fishing Ambassador” for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, hosting exotic trips and exploring new destinations throughout the world.

Listen to Jeff Currier's Shows...

European Fly Fishing Techniques

Jeff Currier has learned a lot by participating in the World Fly Fishing Championships including the Polish and Spanish nymphing techniques and English lake techniques. Listen to this podcast as Jeff shares all that he's learned from European fly fishers.

Lake Nassar's Nile Perch

Jeff Currier has just returned from Egypt and his second adventure in search of the exotic Nile Perch. Join Jeff to learn about what it takes to figure out a fish that is seldom caught on a fly.

Fly Fishing for Mahseer in India

Jeff Currier explores India's rivers for the exotic Mahseer. It's a huge fish that is seldom caught on the fly but Jeff was determined to do so and did. Learn from Jeff the process he uses to figure what makes a fish tick.

Tigerfish in Tanzania

Jeff Currier loves adventure fly fishing and is back at it again chasing tigerfish in Tanzania. Listen in to learn about fishing for this exotic species.

Peacock Bass and Other Brazilian Treasures

Jeff Currier has been at it again. Exploring exotic parts of the world in search of fly fishing treasures. Join us as Jeff talks about his travels to Brazil, Venezuela and Panama in search of peacock bass, piranha, arowana, jacunda and monster catfish.

Golden Dorado in Bolivia

Jeff Currier has been on another great adventure - this time in Bolivia for Golden Dorado. Dorado have voracious teeth and put up an incredible fight. Listen in to find out how Jeff did and whether he landed his trophy fish.

Fly Fishing Sudan

Jeff Currier, a world traveling fly fisher, went to Sudan to fly fish. Where did he go? What did he fish for? What was his adventure like? Listen in and find out as we go on another Currier adventure.

St. Brandon's Atoll

Jeff Currier’s pursuit of the yellow permit, 10 pound plus bonefish and the Picasso triggerfish puts him on the other side of the world on St. Brandon’s Atoll in the Indian Ocean. Who else would endure a 26-hour boat ride after 40 hours of flight travel to add a few more fish to his bucket list. Join us to learn about another “Monsoon” Currier adventure.

Currier's Quest

Jeff is well-known and well-traveled. He hosts fly fishing trips worldwide and is well known for his presentations at the fly fishing shows, and his incredible artwork. He constantly travels and develops techniques for catching the most exotic fish imaginable in places where even the most avid adventurer refuses to go. His quest to catch 500 different species on the fly continues. Join us as Jeff shares some of his adventures in his quest and find out if he’s getting close to meeting his goal.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How did you first become interested in fly fishing and what inspired you to embark on this quest to catch as many different species as possible?
  • Do you have a specific goal?
  • What is your current count?
  • Which fish has so far been the most fun to catch?
  • Which has been the hardest to catch?
  • What has been the most challenging journey you’ve had to take to get to a fish?
  • Which fish do you think will be the most challenging to catch?
  • Which fish are you the most excited to catch?
  • Can you share some insights or techniques that you've developed to increase your success rate when targeting various species?
  • What fish are next on your list?
  • 10 years from now, what’s your prediction on how fly fishing will change?
  • How has your pursuit of diverse species affected your perspective on fly fishing and its role as both a sport and a means of connecting with nature?
  • What advice would you give to other fly fishers who are interested in pursuing a similar quest to catch as many different species as possible?

Jeff is a fly fishing lecturer and well known fish artist.  He has taught the skills of fly fishing, guided fly fishers throughout Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park and escorted fly fishers throughout six continents for many of the worlds greatest game fish.

Jeff is a well sought after expert for television appearing on Fishing the West, Fly Fishing the World, In Search of Fly Water, Reel Adventures, Fly Fish TV and Fly Fish America.  He has also been an eight-time guest on Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio speaking on European Fly Fishing, Nile Perch in Egypt, Mahseer in India, Tigerfish in Africa, Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass in the Amazon, Golden Dorado in Bolivia, the Red Sea of Sudan and St. Brandon’s Atoll of Mauritius.  Jeff is often a featured angler in Fly Fishing Film Tours Worldwide including the popular fly fishing movies Kendjam, Evolution, Carpland, Waypoints, Connect, Soulfish 2 and Atlanticus.

Jeff’s articles, photographs and artwork have graced the pages of magazines, catalogs, brochures and books.  Jeff is the acclaimed author of Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing and Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing guide books.  These books have become the standard introductions to saltwater and warmwater fly fishing.  When not fishing or writing, Jeff is usually found working on one of his favorite hobbies, painting fish.  His fish art decorates T-Shirts, fly reels, coffee mugs, books, magazines and his original watercolors are always in high demand.  He is a licensed artist with Montana Fly Company.

Although Jeff spends much of his time fly fishing for trout, he is a walking encyclopedia of fly fishing for species worldwide.  He is constantly traveling and developing techniques for catching the most exotic fish imaginable in places where even the most avid adventurer refuses to go.  This IGFA World Record holder and National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Record holder has fished in over sixty-three countries and caught over 440 species of fish on the fly!

Jeff has won numerous Fly Casting Competitions, the Jackson Hole One Fly, and competed throughout the world in fly fishing.  Jeff’s most recognized accomplishment was leading Team USA to its first ever top-ten finish in the World Flyfishing Championships in Jaca, Spain in 2003.  During the competition, Jeff managed to fool fish on every venue, and placed third in the individual standings, becoming the first American ever to take home a medal in the thirty-year history of the Championships.  In June of 2017 Jeff did it again at the World Masters Fly Fishing Championships in Covilha, Portugal.  In 2019 he and his Team took home the Silver Medal in Dullstroom, South Africa, and in 2022 in Italy, they won the Gold!

When not fishing, Jeff can be found lecturing throughout the United States and Canada on nearly every aspect of fly fishing.  He demonstrates fly casting, teaches seminars on the basics to the advanced skills of fly fishing, and presents many fly fishing destination programs ranging from waters in the Rockies to the most remote corners of the globe.  Some of his shows take you to distant regions and a world of fly fishing that many don’t know exists and will leave you in awe that such creatures can be enticed to eat a fly!

Jeff brings a sense of humor, enthusiasm, approachability, and over forty-five years of fly fishing wherever he goes.

You can follow Jeff’s global fly fishing adventures, exploits, tips, advice, photography, and story-telling on his expanding blog and informative website -


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