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Jason Borger is a professional fly-fishing educator. He published his first fly-fishing article at age 13, and began working on fly-fishing videos when he was 16.

He later worked on the silver-screen adaptation of A River Runs Through It, serving as one of the film's fly-casting doubles.

Listen to Jason Borger's Shows...

Casting And Presentation Strategies For Trout

Jason was the "Shadow Caster" in the movie A River Runs Through It and knows about presentation skills. Listen to Jason talk about how we perceive trout and how trout perceive us, the predator/prey relationship and how we should present our flies to the trout.

Angling Approaches for Streams

Learn from Jason Borger techniques for getting to those hard to reach fish and tips on making those perfect casts. He will focus specifically on mending, approach and presentation, and ways to fish the fly to both trout and smallmouth bass.

Casting, Mending, and Presentation for Difficult Angling Situations

The challenge of fly fishing can increase dramatically when conditions become difficult. Whether it be due to weather, water, cover, hatches, distance, or a combination of those factors, when the angling gets tough, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Learn from Jason about ways to make difficult angling situations easier and more productive.

Skinny Water Trout

Jason Borger guides us through skinny water for trout - one of the most challenging and frustrating fly fishing scenarios one can encounter.

Single-Handed Fly Casting - A Modular Approach

Jason Borger knows fly casting he was almost born with a fly rod in his hand. Through slow motion video he's broken down the elements of making the perfect cast and uses it teach others. Join us and find out about Jason's modular approach to learning fly casting.

He is the author of the book, Jason Borger's Nature of Fly Casting, and serves as the Education Director for the Fly Casting Institute ( Jason has contributed articles to magazines such as Fly Fish America, Fly Fisherman and Fly Rod & Reel, as well as numerous international publications. In addition to writing, Jason is also an illustrator and painter of fly-fishing subjects.

For more information on Jason's artwork, writing, book and fly casting instruction visit his web site at


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