Jake Villwock

Jake Villwock has been an industry professional for over 14 years. Growing up in a commercial fishing family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, fishing has been part of his life from day one - so it should come as no surprise that he has chosen a career in the fishing industry.

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Smallmouth Bass Top To Bottom

Jake Villwock is a professional guide working in Pennsylvania. He hooks up his clients everyday with big smallmouth bass. Listen in and learn about the flies he uses, how he ties them and how he uses them to catch trophy smallies.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • Do smallmouth prefer living in pods or are they a solitary fish?
  • Do smallmouth hold in similar lies as trout?
  • What is a good weight rod, line, leader and tippet for smallmouth?
  • Why do you use swivels in your terminal tackle setup?
  • If you could only have one surface fly and one streamer for smallies what would they be?
  • What are the trigger colors for smallmouth flies?
  • Do you use weed guards on your flies?
  • What topwater flies do you use besides poppers?
  • What color combinations work best for streamers?
  • What crayfish patterns do you like?
  • What color is a must have on your crayfish patterns?/li>
  • How do you fish crayfish patterns on the bottom?
  • When an how do you fish crayfish patterns mid-column?
  • Do bigger flies attract larger fish?

After graduating from High Point University with a business degree, Jake worked as a deck hand and fly fishing guide in Sitka, Alaska. He spent the winters dog sledding in both Fairbanks, AK
and Deep Creek, MD. Moving back to the east coast in 2009, Jake worked for TCO Fly Shop at the Reading, PA, and Bryn Mawr, PA locations. Jake has helped open and manage their newest
location in Boiling Springs, PA. After 8 years as a full-time retail manager with TCO, Jake decided to start his own business. Relentless Fly Fishing, which will serve as a contract guide service for
three of TCO Fly Shop’s locations.

Jake guides in PA and NY for trout, smallmouth, and steelhead. He has a true passion for warmwater, it is hard to find him anywhere but a smallmouth river from early spring to late fall.
When he is not rowing a boat, he is most likely crawling around a local spring creek chasing picky wild fish.

In addition to guiding, Jake is the author of “Smallmouth Bass Flies Top to Bottom”, Fulling Mills Signature tier, blog-writer, contributor to Fly Fisherman magazine, and Eastern Fly
Fishing magazine, and serves on various pro-staffs of leading industry companies such as Hatch Reels, Scientific Anglers, Simms Fishing, Clacka Craft Drift Boats, Scott Fly Rods, and Regal Vise.
He lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


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