Greg Thomas

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Writer/Photographer

Greg Thomas is a writer and photographer with credits in The New York Times; The Seattle Times; Outside; Forbes; Big Sky Journal; Field & Stream; etc. He currently serves as managing editor of Fly Rod & Reel and owns the Web site, Angler’s Tonic (

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Fly Fishing for Steelhead - Queen Charlotte Islands and the Dean River

Greg Thomas pursues wild steelhead in out of the way places, with a focus on British Columbia. Recently he's fished the Queen Charlotte Islands and the central British Columbia coast. In July he lucked into the best week in 10 years on the Dean River and had 17 fish to the beach in three days. Listen to Thomas' adventures and you'll learn how to reach these unique fisheries where 10-to 20-pound wild steelhead can be found, often in good numbers.

Greg was born in southeast Alaska and lived in western Washington until he headed off to college in Montana to play basketball. He’s resided in Missoula; the Bitterroot Valley; the Gallatin Canyon; Boise; Jackson, Wyo.,; and Sun Valley. During his travels around the West Greg penned several titles including Fly Fisher’s Guide to Washington; Fly Bible Montana; River Journal Clark Fork; and Best Flies for Idaho. He is currently writing three books, Couch Surfin’ Through Trout Heaven; Irish Lords and the Devil’s Thumb; and an untitled tomb on steelhead.

Despite moving to the Inland Northwest, Greg hasn’t lost his interest in steelhead. He chases them as close to home as Idaho, on the Salmon and Clearwater rivers, and as far away as southcentral Alaska. But his favorite steelhead waters rest in British Columbia, on the Queen Charlotte Islands and on the central coast. If he had to pick one river to fish the rest of his life he would rebel and pick two: the Yakoun on Graham Island and the Dean on the central coast.

Gregg currently lives in Ennis, Mont., near the banks of the Madison River, with two daughters, Tate and Myka.


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