Gill Mckean

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Gill Mckean is the owner of Westcoast Fishing Adventures Ltd Orvis Endorsed Guide. He has been a committed Ambassador & Guide in the Skeena region for the past 28 years. Guiding has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge & passion for fly fishing teaching guests from around the world angling techniques and helping them catch trophy salmon and steelhead.

The Skeena is one of the last wild salmon & steelhead fisheries in North American. The largest steelhead he has guided an angler to was a massive 41.5 inches length by 25.5 girth estimated weight 34 pounds.

Listen to Gill Mckean's Show...

Skeena River - Steelhead Dreams

Gill Mckean has been guiding on the world-famous Skeena River for more than 25 years. He’s guided a client to massive steelhead estimated at 34 pounds and has personally landed many in the 30-pound range. Join us to learn from Gill about this incredible fishery and of course how to land that steelhead of a lifetime.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What is the best time of year to fish for steelhead?
  • Are there other streams and rivers to fish in the area?
  • What species are available besides steelhead?
  • What style of flies do you prefer?
  • Is the spey rod the most commonly used rod on the Skeena?
  • What type of line do you use and what types of tips do you use?
  • What's the difference between Skagit and Scandi heads?
  • What is the most productive depth for getting strikes?
  • What triggers the fish to strike?
  • What is the secret to hooking up with a trophy steelhead?

He has personally landed three Steelhead in the 30 plus pound class and countless 20 plus pound steelhead this only happens with time spent on the water total commitment and passion for the rivers they call home.

Gill has also traveled the world and enjoyed fishing Christmas Island, Xcalak Mexico, St Thomas and has target species including tarpon, GTs , bonefish, snook, permit, jacks, and yellow fin tuna.

Hobbies include fishing, tying Flies, playing guitar, spinning vintage vinyl records, tying Flies, hunting, and playing Hockey.

Gill is a very active ambassador advocating for the preservation of angling and wild salmon & steelhead for all - clean water, clean Air.

He has guided countless fishing celebrities including who have become friends and mentors through the years some turning into life-long relationships all because of a FISH.


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