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Eric Anderson is the owner of the Bighorn Angler, the original shop on the Bighorn, and several other businesses in the town of Fort Smith, Montana and is also the owner of The Denver Fly Shop.

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Eric is a 5th generation Coloradan and 5th generation fly fisherman and doing anything outside of the fly fishing industry has long been out of the question. Working in fly shops from the age of 16, Eric dropped out of college to guide on the Bighorn River and ended up turning a restaurant/motel that had been closed for many years into a small fishing lodge on the Bighorn. Business progressed and soon he expanded to another lodge and 7 years after his first venture his company is the largest provider on the Bighorn River.

Eric spends most of the fishing season in Fort Smith, Montana but guides in Colorado and Wyoming as well. During the off-season he can be found at their Denver Shop at I-25 and Colorado Blvd.

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