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Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide, began fly fishing at the age of ten and fueled his passion in the lakes and streams in the mountains of Arizona. He feels fortunate to have fished all over the Rocky Mountain West. As a retired public school teacher and coach, Duane finds that his passion for fly fishing and his enthusiasm for teaching work collaboratively in taking his clients to new heights.

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A Systematic Approach to Nymphing

Duane Redford developed a systematic approach to nymphing so that as a guide he could hook his clients up with fish even in the most harsh and competitive environments. Learn his step-by-step methods for getting the most out of nymphing.

Trout - Hidden in Plain View

Duane Redford will delves into what the top 10% of anglers are seeing and doing differently from the fly fishing masses, and how they are consistently putting fish in the net in every situation. Join us and learn from a master angler how to increase your odds of catching more trout.

His first book on fly fishing, The Fly Fisher’s Playbook, A Systematic Approach to Nymphing, was nearly five years in the making, and born of necessity. Duane spends the majority of his guiding days for South Platte Outfitters on the South Platte River below Deckers, Colorado. That stretch of the river can be difficult to guide because of the constant changes in conditions. From changes in water flows and clarity, high angling and recreation pressure, and a very diverse insect population, if you don’t have a game plan, this river will humble you.

Because of his coaching background, Duane has a knack for breaking things down systematically. He “reads” the trout defenses, and adjusts accordingly, with options and adjustments. “Once you are able to incorporate fundamental nymphing skills with a systematic approach, you will begin to really enjoy the sport.” Although The Playbook was designed on the South Platte, it works on any river.

When he’s not guiding, Duane spends his time teaching fly fishing classes, and is currently producing a fly fishing DVD to accompany the book. When he’s not teaching, filming or guiding, you’ll find him on the river. Duane lives in Conifer, Colorado with his wife Janet, daughter Allie, and son Parker. He has two beautiful grand kids, Eva (3), and Landon (5mos).

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