Denny Rickards

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Author

Denny Rickards has had an opportunity to fish and guide anglers over some of the most challenging trophy trout waters in the Western United States over the past 30 years. His simplistic approach and techniques on presentation have accounted for cutthroats to 15 pounds, rainbows in excess of 16 pounds and browns over 20 pounds.

Listen to Denny Rickards's Shows...

Fly Fishing For Trophy Trout On Stillwaters

Denny has been fishing, guiding and studying trout behavior for the past 30 years. He's an expert on fish lakes and has developed a selection of suggestive flies that put the trophy trout on the take. Join us on this podcast to hear about Denny's latest new techniques on fishing lakes.

Stillwater Presentation

Denny Rickards is one of the great masters of stillwater fly fishing. In this show Denny covers trout behavior, the impact of weather conditions on trout & their food sources, using the correct line, pattern & retrieve that matches the zone you are fishing, positioning to make the right cast & much more.

Strategies & Techniques for Stillwaters

Denny Rickards has been studying trout behavior in stillwaters for over 40 years. He's always learning new things about the aquatic life forms that trout eat and then develops strategies and techniques he can use to mimic their activity. Join us on this podcast to hear about Denny's latest new findings which will help you to catch more fish in stillwaters.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What is the best time of day to fish stillwaters?
  • How do you change your tactics throughout the day?
  • Will you have more success if you fish from a kick boat or float tube than from shore?
  • Are depth finders useful?
  • Do you use UV materials in your flies?
  • What are the three most important design aspect of flies?
  • What type of line do you use and what types of tips do you use?
  • What development stage of insects gets more strikes larva, pupa or adults?
  • What is the best way to fish pupa?
  • How do you determine what depth the fish are at?
  • What is the most productive depth for getting strikes?
  • If a fish follows your fly will it strike on a follow-up cast?

Denny spends over 250 days a year doing what he loves best: guiding, writing, typing flies, conducting fly fishing schools and field testing and developing fly fishing manufacturer's products. Denny guides full time on Upper Klamath Lake.

When Denny isn't fishing or guiding, he spends many hours studying trout behavior, their habitat, and the various insects found within their environment.

As a professional fly tyer Denny's suggestive patterns have appeared in various outdoor magazines and are on display at Cushners Fly Fishing Museum in Florence, Oregon. Based on past reviews, his books and companion videos are now considered the "bibles" for fly fishing lakes.

Denny Rickard's knowledge and abiliity to teach others were a prerequisite to establishing his fly fishing schools/clinics which have become a priority for anglers seeking the ultimate form their stillwater angling experiences.

For more information on Denny's flies, materials, books, videos, gear and guided trips visit his web site at


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