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If you've ever met Dec Hogan you know that his love and passion for steelhead fly fishing is a constant part of his aura. Dec is a master of all facets of the sport: two-handed casting, reading water, presenting flies, fly tying etc. He is equally a master of teaching all of the facets. An accomplished writer and exquisite photographer, Hogan has penned numerous articles for many of the America's leading fly fishing publications and is the author of the highly acclaimed, must have book, A Passion for Steelhead (Wild River Press.)


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Steelhead on the Fly

Dec was a professional steehead guide for 14 years, now he fly fishes just for fun. Listen in to hear Dec's secrets to hooking up with the steelhead of your dreams.

Dec was a full-time steelhead guide from 1989 to 2003 guiding fly anglers on the beautiful waters of the Skagit, Sauk, Skykomish, Grande Ronde, and Deschutes Rivers. He is a pioneer of two-handed casting in North America and continues to be a highly sought after spey casting instructor.

As if one dream job weren't enough Hogan's had two: Dec has retired from guiding and is now a fulltime firefighter and EMT! Dec's schedule at the fire department allows him the time to stay active in his fishing career so expect to see plenty of Hogan in the coming years doing seminars and teaching fishing techniques and casting.

In fact, he has just released a 4 hour steelhead fly tying DVD entitled Steelhead Flies Tying Classics which is available at


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