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Dave Maynard grew up on in the Florida Keys where he learned to fish about about the same time he learned to walk. If his mom could not find him it was a good bet his fishing rod was missing too.

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Carp In The City

Dave Maynard fishes for carp where ever he can find them and many times it's under freeway viaducts or with a backdrop of skyscrapers rather than mountains. Join us to learn how to catch these hard to catch fish.

Dave’s love of sport fishing began with his catching snapper, grouper, sharks and barracuda on the mangrove flats of Biscayne Bay!

Marriage brought Dave to Colorado where he learned the subtle art of fly fishing for skittish trout. In spite of having a real job building custom homes and developing land he always carried a rod with him in case he passed some interesting water. His goal one year was to fish at least 200 days, even if you only had time for a couple of casts.

Over the years Dave has fish on four continents and in 40 countries both for pleasure and producing television for a nation wide audience! Dave produced Fishing Across America on the Outdoor Channel for 10 years before going out on his own as Executive Producer & Host of Fish the Baja for NBC Sports! Daves involvement in the sport fishing industry includes being the American partner for the revolutionary lure brand, SÉBILE, and designing innovative products for fisherman! In the last five years

Dave has become a recognized expert at catching Carp on the fly, especially in his home waters. Dave lives near Denver Colorado with the best catch of his life, Mary, who lured him in some 37 years ago!


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