Dan Steere

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Dan has been fly fishing for over thirty-five years. During that time, he has fished in the eastern and western United States and in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, catching trout, bass, panfish, saltwater fish, and salmon. Dan spent his career of over forty years as an educator, with over twenty years as a university professor, and he has published three books and more than thirty-five journal articles and book chapters on topics related to special education and rehabilitation.

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Backpack Fly Fishing

Dan Steere has moved towards a simpler easier to manage method of fly fishing. Let's face it you can't take all your gear on a backpacking trip and still have room for your food and tent. If you want to catch a wide variety of fish with simple, minimalist equipment that can fit into a daypack or backpack you'll want to listen to Dan's ideas and methods. Join us to see how you can get back to a simpler approach to fly fishing and enjoy it.

He currently lives in the Pocono region of eastern Pennsylvania. Backpack Fly Fishing is his first book on fishing and reflects his philosophy of traveling light, fishing for anything that swims, and using simple equipment.


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