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Growing up on the southwest coast of Florida in Fort Myers, Captain Codty Pierce has explored his home waters of Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and Estero Bay reaches since boyhood. Guided by his Father who is a naturalist in his own right, he had a background in biology and herpetology that help mold an adventurous and environmentally conscious steward of nature. Backyards vary across the nation, but for a Lee Island Coast native backyards to us are wildlife refuges and vast expanses of coastal mangrove shorelines with turtle grass flats and oyster strewn creek systems that mold a young mans spirit coming up in life so much so that he knew he was to be a captain from a young age.

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Sheepshead On The Fly In Southwest Florida

Captain Codty Pierce, a professional fly fishing guide, grew up on the southwest coast of Florida and knows the waters there better than most. His target in the winter when the waters cool are sheepshead also known as convict fish because of their vivid stripes. Sheepshead have developed a reputation that rivals permit, they are hard to catch on a fly but are super exciting because you are sight fishing to tailing fish on shallow oyster beds and can see the take. Join us to learn Codty's techniques for hooking up with these challenging fish.

Questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What is the average size of a sheepshead?
  • Where do you find sheepshead?
  • What type of water do they inhabit?
  • What's the best time of year to catch the larger sheepshead?
  • What do they eat?
  • What fly patterns work best?
  • How should you present your flies to get good takes?
In his formidable years Codty spent every opportunity available to him to learn the art of fly fishing and fly tying being mentored and inspired by some of our areas most talented anglers has yielded more than a decade and a half of fly fishing experience applicable to fishing in south Florida.
A life long personal study and admiration of this regions flora and fauna coupled with a strong interest in local history has aided in the transition into fulltime guiding 4 years ago to be a success in providing clients a safe, educational, and truly unique experience and adventure into the gulf coast waters. The captain judges his success on the ability to take someone no matter their background and escort them into the serenity of what our incredible area has to offer from the fishing, birding, shelling and animal sightseeing all the while being a steward to our land by showing people first hand what there is in nature, why we should work so hard on conservation and clean water and the proper behavior and attitude we owe our natural world.
The unique approach offered by Pierce BackCountry Adventures continues even into the vessel and manners in which we can present our "fly" presentations. The motto "Old School is still cool" is one Codty likes! A push pole and an anchor our the two greatest fish catching tools next to the rod and reel, the hard work method has been proven over and over through the years and creates a strong base. Being stealthy with push poles allows an incredible amount of observation that when noted can unlock some hidden gems in nature. For the "Del Brown of Sheepshead" one of those observations has yielded over a 150 sheepshead on the fly with NO scents, NO bait, NO BULLSHIT.
Approaching his third decade in life a true joy for Codty is teaching the art of fly fishing the saltwater whether it be in person on charter or at a speaking event, magazine publication, podcast or at the grocery store everyone is important and matters. The final note for this biography on Codty Pierce is to make the statement that fly fishing saves lives, please volunteer in your community whether its project healing waters, trout unlimited or other organizations and take a kid fishing!
You can reach Captain Codty Pierce at his website Backcountry Adventures or at (239) 200-5098.


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