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Christy McReynolds started fishing, thanks to her father, at the age of three and fly fishing by age nine. Born and raised in Northeast Tennessee, fishing and fly tying has always been a highlight for Christy. In 2011, all things changed after a car crash that resulted in a Hangman’s fracture in her neck.

The injury did not stop Christy from fishing, it actually inspired something bigger. To combat the chronic pain and numbness, Christy found streamer fishing, boat rowing, and tying streamers. Together, this proved to be the perfect therapy and rehabilitation. All of the hard work led to a fly fishing guide service called FlyingSoHo. Christy’s goal is to allow others experience streamer fishing and the positive vibes that comes with it.

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Fly Fishing for Monster Browns on Streamers

Christy McReynolds knows how to hook up with monster brown trout on the fly. She’s a lifelong angler and has developed her skills on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers in East Tennessee, where she and her husband Jason run their guide service FlyingSoHo. Join us and learn her secrets to finding, hooking up, and landing these fish of a lifetime.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What is the best time of year for hunting monster browns on streamers?
  • Are large brown trout more active at certain times of the day?
  • Are browns tolerant of a wide range of water temperatures?
  • What are the ideal conditions for brown trout to grow big?
  • Are browns more selective than rainbows?
  • Is fishing good before or after they spawn?
  • What weight rod do you use for larger fish?
  • Do you use floating or sinking lines?
  • What is your leader and tippet setup?
  • What types of streamers do you prefer?
  • what color flies do you use for dirty and clear water?
  • Where do find large fish holding most often?
  • What retrieve methods do you use for streamers?
  • What tips can you give on setting the hook and fighting large fish?


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