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Christian Bacasa is a father of two, an entrepreneur, technology sales executive, and dedicated sportsman. Following his recovery from Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he discovered fly fishing, which he credits with his physical and emotional recovery. He then took those learnings and combined that with his technology background and co-founded Dupe a Fish ( a subscription-based travel booking platform for service providers and anglers in the fishing community. Additionally, Christian now hosts the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast (, he has co-authored the book Fly Fishing for Leadership, has supported over seventy-five brands in the fly fishing industry and has an ownership stake in Ogrelogic (, a team of dedicated developers and designers that work on all the latest technology platforms.

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Fly Fishing for Leadership

We know good leadership when we see it. Just as we know a good fly angler we meet on the river. It's not their age or equipment, or the flies stuck on their wader patch. It's the way they behave towards the river, the fish, the environment, their dog, and their fellow anglers. Can we learn fundamental leadership principles through fly fishing? Listen in and learn from Christian Bacasa how leadership and fly fishing can work together to help you in your pursuits.


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