Brian Chan

Fly Fisher/Fly Tier/Biologist/Author

Brian Chan has been an avid stillwater fly fisher and fly tier for over 35 years. Brian is a professional fisheries biologist who for the past 30 years managed small lake recreational fisheries as well as promoting and marketing freshwater fishing in the province of British Columbia.

Brian is also a fly fishing author, video producer, lecturer and angling guide. Some of his more recent works include the books Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes, Stillwater Solutions Recipes – 30 proven patterns by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley and the DVD Expert Techniques for Stillwater Fly Fishing.

Listen to Brian Chan's Shows...

Fly Fishing Trout Lakes: A Biologist's Point Of View

Brian Chan, a professional fisheries biologist, has spent most of his life studying the insect life of trout lakes. Brian will share the secrets of what happens in that underwater world and how it will help you to catch more fish.

Fly Fishing Trout Lakes Part II: A Biologist's Point Of View

Brian Chan is back for Part II of Fly Fishing Trout Lakes. We had so many questions for his intial show that we had to schedule a special extended edition to get through the questions. If you thought the first show was great wait until you see what we have in store for you in this one.

Secrets of Chironomids

Brian Chan’s knowledge and understanding of Chironomids in stillwaters is unmatched. Join us to learn about how these insects live and how we as fly fishers can become better fly fishers by understanding their life cycle.

Fall Stillwater Tactics

Brian Chan, an expert on fly fishing stillwaters, explores the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in fishing stillwaters in the fall.

He is also a regular contributor to several fly fishing magazine publications. Brian is a regular guest on several TV fishing shows and is a co-host of The New Fly Fisher Show.

Brian’s favourite fishing haunts are the many trout lakes surrounding his home city of Kamloops but he often be found wading rivers in other provinces and states as well as making forays to the North West Territories and the Yukon for big lake trout and pike.

Brian has a number of professional fly fishing industry affiliations including Sage, Mustad , Rio, Islander, Superfly and Outcast Sporting Gear.


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