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Brad Miller is an avid multi-species angler residing near Brainerd Minnesota - where the diversity and opportunities for fishing are boundless. He lives ¼ mile from the Upper Mississippi and spends much of his time in the summer fly fishing the big river.

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Top Ten Smallmouth Bass Flies and How to Fish Them

Brad Miller has fished smallmouth for over thirty years on some of the most hallowed waters in the Midwest and Canada. If you want to catch more smallmouth listen in as Brad goes through the top ten flies that have been written about, tested and voted upon by guides, experts and everyday anglers. He'll tell you what they are and how to fish them.

Brad’s first love is fly fishing. After years of fishing the Rockies for trout he realized the best, most hassle-free fly fishing was right outside his door on the warmer streams and rivers holding smallmouth bass and other great game fish in Minnesota.

Brad’s fished smallmouth for nearly forty years on some of the most hallowed waters in the Midwest and Canada. Now he prefers fishing smaller, overlooked sections of river near his home range of north central Minnesota. was created in 2003 as an informational resource for bass fly fishing. was created in 2010 as an online store selling fly fishing equipment geared towards large gamefish.

Brad has fished most of the major rivers in the western mountain states, probed Caribbean flats and chased tarpon in south Florida’s backcountry.

But he’s always had a special affinity for the smallmouth bass.

He lives in rural Crosby, Minnesota with his wife Lisa and two black lab hunting dogs.

His two most popular eBooks are Top Ten Smallmouth Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them and Backyard Fly Fishing – Discovering Great Fly Fishing Close to Home


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