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Bob Romano and his wife, Trish, have owned a camp in the Rangeley Lakes Region of western Maine for nearly forty years. Many outdoor writers concentrate on the “how-to” aspects of fly-fishing. Bob prefers to examine why we fish while using the rivers, lakes, and streams of Maine’s Great North Woods as his literary canvas.

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Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine

Bob Romano is an author and fishing camp owner in the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. Bob loves to examine why we fish while using the rivers, lakes, and streams of Maine’s Great North Woods as his literary canvas. Join us to learn about the places to fish, how to fish them and a bit of history about this historic fishing region.

Bob is the author of the Rangeley Lakes trilogy that includes North of Easie, which won second place in the 2010 Outdoor Writer’s Best Book Contest. His book of essays, Shadows in the Stream, is often used by anglers as a guide to fishing the pools and runs of the region. His most recent book, The River King- A Fly-Fishing Novel is published by West River Media. Due to be released this December, his collection of stories entitled River Flowers is set primarily in northern Maine and New Hampshire.

Legendary Master Maine guide and author, George Smith said, “You will really enjoy The River King, as soon as you finish it, you’ll plan a fishing adventure in the Rangeley Region.” Bob’s essays have appeared in various anthologies, including Christmas in the Wild, Fresh Fiction for Fresh Water Fishing, and Wildbranch: An Anthology of Nature, Environmental, and Place-Based Writing. He also writes for a number of magazines as well as the online publication, Midcurrent.

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