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Capt. Bob Jaspers is a USCG licensed and insured fulltime professional inshore sightfishing guide and third generation native with over 35+ years of local on-the-water experience, specializing in sightfishing the shallow grassflats in the northern areas of the Indian River Lagoon System.

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Sightfishing the Flats of the Indian River Lagoon

Learn from Capt. Bob Jaspers the secrets of sightfishing the flats of Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River's No-Motor-Zone. This area is the premier angling destination for big redfish, spotted sea-trout, and black drum - there's nothing more exciting than sightfishing in shallow water!

Bob Jaspers has spent decades perfecting his own sightfishing style and techniques to simplify flatsfishing to its most basic terms, allowing beginning anglers to understand what’s happening under the surface of the lagoon’s waters in a relatively short time to ultimately learn how to catch more fish. He can teach you in hours what he spent years learning.

Highly conservation-minded, he is extremely knowledgeable about the East Central Florida portion of the upper Indian River Lagoon System, and Florida’s fish, flora, and fauna. For the past decade, he was involved in planting hundreds of thousands of mangroves along the Brevard County area’s Indian River Lagoon shoreline, and is still involved in a continuing effort to clean the shoreline of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Much of his youth was spent in the great outdoors surrounding Titusville, including the waters, marshes, and woodlands of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Playalinda Beach (now owned by NASA and part of the Canaveral National Seashore) and wandering the shoreline and backwaters of the St. Johns River and our three actual lagoons (the Banana River, the upper Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon).

He spent most of his childhood fishing, camping, surfing, and exploring the area in search of outdoor adventure and knowledge. In turn his knowledge of local history, plant life, and wildlife makes for some very interesting tales that he is very willing to share with anglers, children, visitors to the area, and anyone else who’s interested in what it was like in the East Central Florida / Brevard County area 40 years ago!

He became an angler, and later a fishing guide, because of his love and respect for the Indian River Lagoon System. He believes strongly in its preservation and ecological success, which are vital to the survival of all its plant life, fish, and waters.

Bob Jaspers is a member of the Indian River Guides Association, an amateur naturalist, a trained horticulturist, a bromeliad grower and collector, and a past Florida Certified Nursery Professional. He also manages two shallow saltwater fishing e-mail lists on the Internet; the Central Florida Flats Anglers (the CFFA) and his newest endeavor, Inshore_Fly. Please contact him by e-mail if you’re interested in joining either.

For more information on Bob's guide service visit his web site at


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