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Bill Edrington, a sociology/criminology professor for twenty five years, has now owned Royal Gorge Anglers for 16 years in Canon City, CO. He has been fly fishing for over 40 years, most of it in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

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Fishing The Caddisfly For Trout

Bill Edrington has been fly fishing for over 40 years. He knows about the caddis fly as his home waters is the Arkansas River in Colorado known for one of the most intense spring caddis hatches in the United States. Listen in to this podcast to find out Bill's secrets on fishing this fly.

Fishing Wet Flies, Old School Still Works

Bill Edrington knows what works and one of those things is fly fishing with wet flies for trout. If you haven't been using wet flies this show will be very enlightening and may change the way you fish in the future.

He has authored over a dozen articles on fly fishing the Arkansas river, fly fishing Caddis hatches and fly fishing instruction. His writings have appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Rod and Reel, American Angler, and Fly Fish America. He currently writes the fishing reports for each quarterly issue of High Country Angler.

His recent book, Fly Fishing the Arkansas, has become a "must have" for those fly fishers interested in fishing Southern Colorado. He has also appeared on ESPN Outdoors and is featured fishing the Caddis hatch on Colorado's Major Six DVD by Marty Bartholemew. Bill conducts over twenty seminars a year on fishing the Lifecycle of the Caddis and fishing Arkansas River hatches.

For more information on Bill's fly patterns, gear and guided trips in Colorado visit his web site at


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