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Beau Beasley, has fished the waters of Virginia for over 30 years with his travels taking him from the briny waters of the Chesapeake Bay seeking stripers, to the cold water trout streams of the Shenandoah National Park in search of native brookies.

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Fly Fishing for Shad on the Rappahannock River

Beau has fished the waters of Virginia for over 30 years and finds the shad of the Rappahannock River as challenging a fish as any other. Listen to Beau share his tips and techniques for hooking up with one of Virgina's great sport fish.

How Many Menhaden Do We Really Need, and Why Fly Anglers Should Care?

Beau Beasley an award-winning outdoor writer answers your questions on the importance of menhaden also known as bunker, pogie, and fatback to our coastal fisheries. These forage fish are eaten by almost every predator species in the sea and are threaten by over fishing. If you fish coastal river systems and saltwater coastlines from Texas to Maine, the fate of these crucial forage fish should matter to you.

His writing career began in the mid 1990s with a small article in Virginia Outdoor Weekly and has since been published in American Angler, Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, Virginia Sportsman, Richmond Magazine and Fly Tyer. He is a Contributing Editor for Fly Fish America and is currently the mid-Atlantic Field Editor for Eastern Fly Fishing.

Beau is the Director of the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival and is a career Captain with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department assigned to Engine Company 1. He currently serves as the Vice President of Communications for the Virginia State Council of Trout Unlimited and lives with his wife and children in Warrenton, Virginia. His first book Fly Fishing Virginia: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters was released in May of 2007 and is in bookstores through out the country.

For more information on Beau or his book, go to his web-site or contact your local fly shop.


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