Barry Reynolds

Fly Fisher/Guide/Fly Tier/Writer/TV Host

Barry Reynolds is true master of fly fishing, with over twenty years experience guiding fly fishers to angling destinations all over the world including Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, Alaska, and Canada; just to name a few.

Barry is a certified casting instructor and master fly tier. He excels in all fields and is a pro-staff member with many elite companies of the fly fishing world. He currently serves as a pro-staffer with Scott Fly Rods, Ross Reels, Rio Fly Lines, and is also a contract tier with Umpqua Feather Merchants designing new and unique patterns for the fish he pursues that are sold worldwide.

Listen to Barry Reynolds's Shows...

Pike On The Fly

Barry Reynolds knowledge of pike and musky is amazing. Listen in to this podcast as Barry covers your questions on fly fishing for pike and musky covering habitat, gear, flies and tactics - get ready for some explosive answers.

Peacock Bass

Barry Reynolds has recently returned from an exciting fly fishing adventure for peacock bass on the Rio Negro River in Brazil. Peacock bass are also found in the rivers and canals of Florida, Hawaii, Central America and other South American countries. Join Barry on this podcast to learn about fly fishing for these beautiful fish.

Tactics for Monster Carp

Barry Reynolds has a knack for catching big fish and carp are no exception. Listen in to find out the tactics Barry uses to hook into monster carp.

Barry's love for fly fishing and the outdoors is evident in his numerous written articles and photography he has sold; to magazines such as American Angler, Wild on the Fly, Warm Water Angler, and Southwest Fly Fishing. Barry has also co-authored three books including Pike on the Fly, Carp on the Fly, Beyond Trout, and most recently in solo effort, Mastering Pike on the Fly.

In addition to his writing skills Barry has made more than twenty guest appearances on a variety of outdoor television and radio shows. He currently hosts his own television series - Barry Reynolds Flyfishing Journal.

In 1994 Barry wrote and directed his first video The Flyrodders Guide to Pike and currently completed production of a instructional DVD on fly fishing for carp due to release early Spring 2006.

Barry's following and continued growth in popularity with the angling public has lead him to the seminar circuit during the winter months where he travels the country and entertains and educates the public in all that fly fishing has to offer. Barry is married, the father of two children, Christie, and Michael. Barry resides in Aurora Colorado with his wife Susan.


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