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April Vokey lives in British Columbia and is an avid angler and steelhead, salmon and trout guide. She was born with an unexplainable passion for fishing. As a young girl she coaxed her father into going fishing and by the age of sixteen, when she was old enough to drive, she was devoting all of her free time to her local rivers.
She is passionate about Spey casting to wild steelhead, the environment and tying Salmon/Steelhead flies. She has made it her mission to encourage and introduce aspiring anglers to the sport, in hopes that it will bring them as much pleasure as it has brought her. She takes pride in being an eternal student of fly-fishing and an active conservationist.

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Steelhead of the Dean River

April Vokey, a professional guide and fly fishing instructor, has been pursuing the elusive steelhead most of her life. The Dean River in British Columbia is world renowned for having some of the strongest fish in the world. Listen in to hear how April fishes this great river for one of the most challenging fish the steelhead.

In 2007 she founded B.C. based guiding operation, Fly Gal Ventures, where she presently guides and instructs anglers on some of B.C.’s best steelhead destinations. Fly Gal’s trips and events can be found at

April is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and fly-fishing columnist. She is the Canadian field editor for Chasing Silver magazine and the steehead columnist for Fly Fusion magazine. Her works and photos can also be found in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Salmon Trout Steelheader (STS), Field and Stream, Canadian Fly Fisher, Flyfishing and Tying journal and several other international publications.

April sits on the board of directors for the Steelhead Society of BC and the BC Federation of Fly Fishers. She is the founder and director of the popular fundraiser, Flies for Fins (, and in 2011 she proudly joined the Patagonia ambassador team, where she continues to assist in the design and direction of an upcoming women’s line of fishing apparel.


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