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  • Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and Techniques

    George Daniel has guided clients and fished competitively throughout the world. His desire to learn as much as possible about his craft and adapt his techniques have given him a superb understanding of what it takes to get a nymph to a fish. There are many 'right' ways to deliver your nymphs whether it be contact nymphing or suspension nymphing. Listen to this podcast and learn George's latest strategies and techniques so you can up your game.

  • Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs

    Robert Younghanz, a.k.a The Bug Guy, is an internationally known Aquatic Entomologist, Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor.  Entomology plays a big part in being a successful fly fisher. Robert breaks down the different classes of insects that fly fishers are familiar with and helps you to identify and understand their life cycle. The more you know about how these bugs live and procreate the more fish you'll be bringing to the net.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What is the life cycle of a mayfly?
    • Why is the life cycle of and insect important to fly fishers?
    • Do you need to have flies that imitate each stage of the life cycle?
    • What are the most important orders of insects for fly fishers?
    • What is the largest order of insects?
    • What is the life cycle of a caddis?
    • What is the difference between complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis ?
    • What insects are most common in lakes?
    • Where is the best place to seine a river for bugs?
    • What is the best way to learn about insects for fishing?
    • How do you organize your fly boxes?
    • Do you have different fly boxes for different seasons?
    • When nothing else is working what fly would you use?

  • Selectivity

    Matt Supinski a professional guide has fished for fussy trout, salmon and steelhead and knows how to approach and get them interested no matter what. Join us as Matt shares his secrets about fly fishing for selective fish.

  • Bonefish in Hawaii

    Rob Provost was one of the very first to introduce locals and the business/vacation traveler alike to the pursuit of Hawaiian bonefish on the fly. Listen in to learn about fly fishing for bonefish and how it differs from other places in the world.

  • Fly Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass and Panfish

    Over the many years that Skip Morris has fished and written about fly fishing he's uncovered many nuggets of information that have helped him and others to catch more fish. Whether it's trout, bass or panfish Skip has something to share that will improve your odds. Listen to this podcast and up your game!

  • Fly Fishing for Leadership

    We know good leadership when we see it. Just as we know a good fly angler we meet on the river. It's not their age or equipment, or the flies stuck on their wader patch. It's the way they behave towards the river, the fish, the environment, their dog, and their fellow anglers. Can we learn fundamental leadership principles through fly fishing? Listen in and learn from Christian Bacasa how leadership and fly fishing can work together to help you in your pursuits.

  • Fly Fishing Micronesia - A Fly Fishing Adventure

    Trapper Rudd is always going to somewhere exotic in search of new places to fly fish. Putting together a trip to a place like Micronesia is no easy task and the results are always unknown. Join us to find out how a trip like this comes together from the initial concept to hooking up with new exotic species like Indo-Pacific tarpon, permit, bonefish and giant trevally.

  • Spring Creek Strategies

    Mike Heck, a professional guide and master of spring creek fly fishing, shares the tactics and techniques he uses everyday to catch tough, selective trout in these waters.

  • Kamchatka - Trout Fishing's Next Frontier

    Rene Limeres a professional guide takes you to Kamchatka where there are still more fish than people. It may be the next and last frontier for fly fishers seeking huge trout and salmon. Join Rene and discover what it takes to land the big ones in Russia.

  • Simple Flies

    Morgan Lyle uses simple flies to catch trout in the mountains, stripers at the beach and any other fish he can reach with a cast. Sometimes the best fly is a simple one. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started with tying or an expert looking to get back to basics Morgan will explain all the techniques, tools and materials you need to tie simple flies in this podcast.

  • Bristol Bay’s Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout

    Bill Horn has had a fifty-year connection with Alaska. Each year 60 million or more wild salmon run up the rivers of Bristol Bay and of course, rainbow trout are right there with them. Bill will share his knowledge of the natural history, culture, and management of this fishery along with fishing strategies, fly choices, and trip planning. Listen in to learn more about this outstanding and one-of-a-kind fishery.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What inspired you to write Crimson Wave?
    • Why is Bristol Bay so important?
    • What does Bristol Bay represent?
    • Who are the people that live in Bristol Bay?
    • Why are sockeye salmon important to commercial fishing?
    • Are the sockeye salmon a sustainable species?
    • Why are sockeye hard to catch on a fly?
    • Why don't sockeye have the respect that other salmon have?
    • What is the lifecycle of sockeye?
    • Is it better to fish for sockeye nearest the sea before they begin to change color?
    • What weight rod do you use for sockeye?
    • Why are sockeye important to rainbows?
    • What fly fishing techniques or presentations do you use for rainbows?
    • What is the status of the controversial Pebble Mine project?


  • Tenkara - The Traditional Japanese Method of Fly Fishing

    Daniel Galhardo founded Tenkara USA in 2009 and has brought the traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing where only a rod, line and fly are used to the US. Tenkara is about fly-fishing simplicity and mountain-stream effectiveness. Eleven to fourteen foot long rods allow anglers to fish mountain streams in a way that is nearly impossible with western fly gear. Listen to learn about the history, philosophy and of course the strategies and techniques of using the Tenkara system.

  • Fly Fishing Stillwaters with Chironomids

    Phil Rowley is well known for his mastery of lake fishng. In this show you'll learn Phil's secrets and techniques to fly fishing for trout with Chironomids and other hot flies.

  • A Tale of Three Fish

    Jim Stenson has traveled the world to fish for many species. The "Holy Trinity," as some call them, are still three of the toughest fish to catch. Permit, steelhead, and Atlantic salmon can frustrate even the best fly fishers. Join us to hear Jim talk about some of his exciting and difficult adventures in search of these elusive fish.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • In your quest of the three fish which came first?
    • What is the story about catching your first steelhead?
    • What has been your most unique experience fishing for steelhead?
    • Where do you go most often today to fish for steelhead?
    • How has fishing for steelhead changed since you first started fishing for them?
    • What are the important factors in fishing for steelhead?
    • What was your first experience fishing for Atlantic salmon?
    • What have you learned over the years about fishing for Atlantic salmon?
    • How has fishing for Atlantic salmon changed since you first started fishing for them?
    • What techniques have you used for Atlantic salmon?
    • What makes permit so hard to catch?
    • What locations have you been going to for permit?
    • What have you learned over the years since then about fishing for permit?
    • Over the years which fish has caused you the most amount of consternation?
    • Which fish do you dream about catching the most?

  • Drifting for Smallmouth Bass in Wisconsin Tributaries

    AJ Dudek will share his secrets about one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. With seven and eight weight rods we have the privilege of fishing top water in the summer and baitfish patterns in the spring and fall of the year for one of the best fighting fish there is.

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