Small Stream Brown Trout

Covers the methods, techniques, & strategies that are used for catching brown trout in small streamson the fly. Learn, pursue, & get your Ph-D in fly fishing right here. 80 min.


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It is a fact that most small freestone streams usually have small fish including brown trout. This is especially true of mountain headwater streams. None of them have a reputation for holding big fish. However, what makes brown trout big is food not necessarily the size of the stream. The water chemistry of a stream is what makes a big difference. Even though small streams usually have small fish, there can be an exception to this when it comes to the brown trout. Even though the majority of brown trout found in small streams are usually small, there always seems to be a few fish that grow to a large size. However, the fact that they are there certainly doesn’t mean that you will catch them. Fly fishing for brown trout can be challenging.

Get Your Ph.D. in Fly-Fishing Right Here! The Fly Fishing for Small Stream Brown Trout program was shot on small streams located from the East to the Western Rocky Mountains. It covers the methods, techniques and strategies that are used for catching brown trout in small streams on the fly.

Specific techniques for fishing caddisfly hatches that will help improve any angler’s catch are shown and described. The “Mother’s Day” caddis hatch and the “Little Sister” caddisfly hatches are covered in detail. It includes the flies to use for the different stages of the hatch, areas of the stream to fish, types of presentations and much more. Specific techniques for fishing mayfly hatches are shown and described including Pale Evening Duns, Pale Morning Duns and other mayflies.

The program is hosted by Angie and James Marsh. James has spent the last three decades hosting and producing instructional fishing videos.

Reading Water
Fly Selections
Caddisfly Hatches
Mayfly Hatches
Dry Fly Fishing
Nymph Fishing
Gear Selection
Brown Trout Habitat
Fishing Methods


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