Small Stream Brook Trout

Learn to approach brook trout without spooking them & how to trick them into taking the fly. Eastern, western, & midwestern small streams. Methods, tactics, techniques, approach, & more. Learn, pursue, & get your Ph-D in fly fishing right here. 93 min.


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Fun, Fun, Fun is the only way to describe fly fishing for brook trout in small streams. Join host Angie and James Marsh, as they demonstrate how to catch beautiful native and wild brook trout from streams so small you can jump across some of them.

This program was shot on several different streams throughout the Western, Mid-Western and Eastern United States. The methods, tactics and techniques demonstrated will work fly fishing for brook trout on any small stream where brook trout can be found. Learn to approach brook trout without spooking them and how to trick them into taking the fly.

Eastern Tennessee
Northern Wyoming
Southwestern Montana
Southern Montana
Western Montana
Northern Virginia
Western Michigan
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All the trout caught in this presentation are either wild or native brook trout. None were stocked or came from a hatchery. Wild brook trout are very aggressive, lightning fast and much more fun to catch than stocked trout. Catching a native trout as opposed to a stream-bred wild or stocked brook trout just adds something special to the pleasures of fly-fishing. We like to think of them as trout stocked by God. Brook trout are very colorful. Their stripped fins; red, blue and white and the small red spots surrounded by a light halo are scattered about the sides of the fish. Light markings on the back of the trout look like little curled worm like lines more so than dots. In some streams you will sometimes catch a small rainbow trout while fishing for brookies.

Defining a small stream can be difficult. Many small streams are called rivers but most of them are probably called creeks. In most cases they are the headwaters of much larger freestone streams. Many small streams are spring creeks but we did not include small spring creeks in this presentation because the techniques and methods for fishing them are greatly different from those used to fish small freestone streams.


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