What Fly for What Bug?

Peter Stitcher

Fly Fisher, Fly Tyer, Biologist

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Peter Stitcher is an aquatic biologist who knows what flies work best to imitate the stage of insects in their lifecycle. Are you ever confused about what file to use when? Join us to learn about the lifecycles of the most common insects we encounter on rivers and lakes and how to pick the perfect fly for the job.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What are the three categories you use to describe flies?
  • What is more important size, color or shape?
  • Why are flies like the Red Dart and Blowtorch so effective?
  • How do you organize your fly boxes?
  • What is a life cycle and why is it important to understand?
  • What are the life cycles for mayflies, caddisflies, midges and stoneflies?
  • What stages of the life cycles are the most productive for fishing?
  • What flies work best to imitate the different stages?
  • What places do you look to see what insects are active?
  • How would you imitate daphnia?
  • Is fly selection just as important as drift depth and presentation?

Peter Stitcher
What Fly for What Bug?
Peter Stitcher What Fly for What Bug?

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