The Feather Thief

Kirk Johnson

Fly Fisher/Author

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Kirk Johnson is the author of the true-crime adventure “The Feather Thief”. Intrigued by the theft of hundreds of rare bird specimens from the Tring museum in England, Kirk journeys into the underground world of fanatical fly tiers and plume peddlers looking for the truth behind why the theft took place and what happened to all the birds that were stolen. Join us and hear the story that has drawn so many readers to this great book.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How did the heist go down?
  • Who was Alfred Russel Wallace and what did he have to do with the heist?
  • How did Edwin Rist get involved tying classic salmon flies?
  • What was the value of the stolen birds?
  • How were the stolen birds and feathers sold?
  • Were the buyers of the stolen goods complicit?
  • Did Rist have an accomplice?
  • Was the heist planned?
  • How did the judge rule when Rist when to court?
  • Did Rist show any remorse about what he had done?
  • Were the stolen birds ever recovered?

Kirk Johnson
The Feather Thief
Kirk Johnson The Feather Thief

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