The Delaware River Story

Lee Hartman

Fly Fisher, Guide, Author, Conservationist

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Lee Hartman, a professional guide and conservationist, will take us on a journey through the natural and unnatural history of the Delaware River. Many consider the Delaware the best wild trout fishery east of the Mississippi but it hasn’t been easy to keep it that way. Learn why it’s so important to protect this coldwater fishery and look forward to Lee sharing a few tips along the way about how to be successful fishing this great river.

  • What species of fish are native to the Delaware River?
  • What part of the Delaware River is the best for trout fishing?
  • When is the best time to fish for shad?
  • When did the Delaware River become a true trout river?
  • Is it best to fish the river from a boat or wading?
  • Where do you find the brown trout most often?
  • What insect hatches can you expect on the river?
  • What is a "Delaware River Fox"?
  • What is being done to preserve the river as a world-class trout fishery?

Lee Hartman
The Delaware River Story
Lee Hartman The Delaware River Story

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