Photography - How to Capture What You See

Carol Ann Morris

Fly Fisher, Photographer, Videographer, Artist

Carol's photographs and paintings have not only appeared in most of her husband Skip's 21 fly-fishing and -tying books, but also on the covers and interior pages of such magazines and books as Grey's Sporting Journal, Fly Fisherman, Yale Angler's Journal, American Angler, Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, and America's Favorite Flies. Join us and learn how to take better photographs of the beautiful places you fish, your fishing buddies, fish and of course yourself.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What don't my photos turn out the way I see them?
  • What do you recommend for pocket-sized, waterproof, point and shoot camera?
  • Can you take good photos with your phone?
  • What do you do to protect your camera from water?
  • Do you use polarizing or warming filters?
  • How to keep from stressing out the fish?
  • How can you get a good photo of your fish when you are alone?
  • What makes a compelling photograph?
  • What time of day makes for the best photographs?
  • What is the rule of thirds and how can it make my photos better?
  • How can I improve the photos I'm taking?

Carol Ann Morris
Photography - How to Capture What You See
Carol Ann Morris Photography - How to Capture What You See

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