Kamchatka - Trout Fishing's Next Frontier

Rene Limeres

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Rene Limeres a professional guide takes you to Kamchatka where there are still more fish than people. It may be the next and last frontier for fly fishers seeking huge trout and salmon. Join Rene and discover what it takes to land the big ones in Russia.

Rene Limeres
Kamchatka - Trout Fishing's Next Frontier
Rene Limeres Kamchatka - Trout Fishing's Next Frontier

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When it comes to finding the perfect “fishing hole” many folks are happy to have access to a local stream or lake. Even if this spot is just a couple of hours drive from the homestead it’s still worth the trip. Then there are those more adventurous types who like to combine their love of fly fishing with an exciting frontier excursion. For those fishermen who are ready to step outside of their comfort zone, you might want to consider Kamchatka, Russia as trout fishing’s next frontier. To experience a fishing vacation like no other, you’ll need an expert guide. That would be Alaskan resident Rene Limeres who knows the territory and knows the fish.

As far as credentials are concerned, Rene has been involved in Alaska fly fishing for almost 25 years. He specializes in designing fishing trips all across the remote Alaskan wilderness and has expanded his operation into Russia’s Far East fishing grounds. This is definitely unspoiled territory. Rene is also the editor and publisher of Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler’s Guide>/em> which is considered by most pros to be the definitive "bible" on Alaska fishing.

If you’ve been thinking about a frontier fishing adventure then Kamchatka should be on your short list. To put this region in proper context you should know that Kamchatka is on the far edge of Russia’s eastern border. All you would need to do is trace your finger across a map of the Aleutian Islands and find Kamchatka coming close to touching the last of that island chain. The region is about 1,500 miles south west from Anchorage and roughly takes up the same amount of space as the state of Nevada when it comes to square acreage. For most of Kamchatka’s recent history, it was kept off limits even to Russians because it was used primarily as a submarine base. Once the Cold War ended, the restrictions were lifted in the region and this pristine wilderness became an oasis for fly fishing.

Not only can you land trout in Kamchatka, but you’ll also be able to hook around six different species of salmon and a rare variety of char called the East Siberian Char. This is also a very rugged terrain. Rene describes it best: "It’s like South Central Alaska on steroids. It has a very, very exuberant and lush growth of vegetations during the summer with beautiful meadows of wild flowers and really in some areas almost impenetrable pickets of vegetation because these grow so thick and it’s got a tremendous number of volcanoes."

That’s right, volcanoes. In fact, this region has the largest concentration of active volcanoes in the world. Along with these volcanoes are all kinds of geothermal zones like hot springs and geysers. Rene explained that the best way to get to Kamchatka is actually to fly into Moscow and hop on a local plane which will take you into the region. From there you’ll be flown into the heart of Kamchatka by helicopter. A typical ten day trip will have you starting at one remote location and traveling down river by boat making a new camp each night. Along the way you won’t just be casting. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the culture and meet with the inhabitants who have called Kamchatka home for generations. Thanks to the locally based support staff that Rene brings along on these trips, you’ll also be exposed to taste tempting Russian cuisine. The borscht just has to be experienced to be believed!

To get you ready for a trip like this, Rene also had recommendations for the best type of flies to bring along. As Rene explained, you can utilize the same kind of fly patterns that you might use in Alaska such as egg and flesh patterns along with leech, sculpins, and dry flies. Rene suggests that you bring along your tie gear because nothing beats sitting around a campfire, swapping tall tales and tying flies. If a wilderness fishing vacation on your “bucket list” then Kamchatka is the destination for you!

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