Fly Fishing the Finger Lakes Region of New York

Mike Hogue

Fly Fisher, Fly Tier, Writer

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Mike Hogue, a professional fly tier and fly shop owner, has fished the Finger Lakes region of New York for over 25 years. The lakes, unique unto themselves in beauty, offer salmon, rainbow trout and lake trout all available on the fly. Listen in as Mike takes us on a tour of this unusual fishing destination and shares his secrets to success in fishing in this area.

  • What finger lakes are the most important for fly fishing?
  • Do you fish both the lakes, streams and tributaries?
  • What species of fish can be targeted with a fly?
  • What lake should you fish if you want to catch a Lake Trout on the fly?
  • Are there migratory rainbow runs on all the lakes?
  • What time of year do each of the migratory runs happen?
  • Which lake has the famous Brown Drake hatch?
  • What type of boat is the best to use on the lakes?
  • What type and size of flies work best for the salmon?

Mike Hogue
Fly Fishing the Finger Lakes Region of New York
Mike Hogue Fly Fishing the Finger Lakes Region of New York

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