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Talyor Streit has been fishing and guiding for more than 50 years. His knowledge of the northern New Mexico waters is tough to beat. Join us to talk about fishing the Rio Grande, Red River, Costilla Creek, and others. Learn about the new rulings by the supreme court on water access in New Mexico and also on how the recent fires have affected fishing.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • Have the recent fires in New Mexico affected the prime fishing areas?
  • How did the recent New Mexico Supreme Court decision affect water access rights?
  • How has fishing changed in New Mexico since you first came to the area?
  • What's the best time of year for dry fly action?
  • What segments of the Rio Grande fish best?
  • Can you fish the Rio Grande gorge?
  • Is New Mexico a good winter fishery?
  • What segments of the Red River do you prefer to fish?
  • Is there good public access to the rivers in New Mexico?
  • What's the current situation with the Costilla Creek restoration project?
  • Is Costilla Creek open for fishing?
  • What stream flows should you look for to fish Costilla Creek?
  • Is the Rio Chama still a good river to fish?

Taylor Streit
Fly Fishing Taos & Santa Fe
Taylor Streit Fly Fishing Taos & Santa Fe

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