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Bob Mallard

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Bob Mallard has fly fished and guided the Maine waters for over 40 years.  Maine has the most diverse fly fishing opportunities in New England and is a popular destination for anglers seeking trout, landlocked salmon, striped bass, and a host of other game fish. Join us and explore the rivers, streams, ponds and lakes of this magnificent state.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How did you decide what waters to include in your book Fly Fishing Maine?
  • What fish species are available to fly fishers in Maine?
  • What are the top species fly fishers target?
  • What are the top rivers to fish in Maine?
  • What are the State Heritage Fish Waters?
  • What waters qualify for fly fishing only?
  • When is the black fly hatch most prevalent?
  • What's causing the decline of landlocked salmon?
  • Where do 90% of the native brook trout live?
  • Is Artic Char the new "bucket list" fish?
  • What fly rods and lines do you recommend?
  • What is public access like to the rivers, lakes, and ponds?
  • How are striped bass fairing in Maine?


Bob Mallard
Fly Fishing Maine
Bob Mallard Fly Fishing Maine

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