Fly Fishing Evolution

George Daniel

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George Daniel has been experimenting, innovating, and developing strategies and techniques since he started fly fishing. One thing he’s discovered is that fly fishing doesn’t stand still; it evolves. Join us to learn about the cutting-edge strategies for nymphing, dry fly, and streamer fishing that are used on the water today. Equipment, fly patterns, rigs, and casting are all fair game.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What inspired you to write your latest book Fly Fishing Evolution?
  • What rod do you use for most of your fishing?
  • Does the weight of the rod determine the size of fish I can catch?
  • What do you see as the next step in rod development?
  • In what circumstances would you select a Tenkara rod over traditional tackle?
  • Do you carry more than one rod when fishing?
  • How do you rig for two flies, and when do you use this?
  • Do you see advantages to using a non-slip loop knot to attach your flies?
  • Do use the drop-shot nymphing technique? If so when?
  • How do you avoid having your mono rigs twist and tangle?
  • What do you use for your sighter?
  • When is it time to switch from a euro nymphing rig to a suspension rig?
  • What are your thoughts on confidence flies?
  • What are the flies you use most often for nymphing?

George Daniel
Fly Fishing Evolution
George Daniel Fly Fishing Evolution

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