Conversations with a Bonefish Guide

Steve Farrelly

Fly Fisher

Steve Farrelly, started fishing in the Bahamas with world famous guide Stuart Cleare and caught the bonefish bug. Realizing that there was so much incredible knowledge that Stuart shared while fishing, he decided to try to capture it and share it with others, which he has done in his book, Bonefish Barehanded! Join us in the conversations that Steve and Stuart had and learn the secrets to fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How did you end up using Stuart Cleare as your guide?
  • How did the concept for your book, Barehanded Bonefish! come about?
  • When deciding where to fish, what were the factors Stuart considered?
  • How could you tell where fish were feeding had recently been feeding?
  • What did you learn about seeing fish in the water?
  • Did you fish from the boat as well as wade the flats?
  • What flies did Stuart prefer fishing with, crabs or shrimp?
  • What weight rod and line do you use?
  • What flies did Stuart use most often?
  • What tip did you learn that helped you cast into the wind?
  • Where did Stuart tell you to place your fly?
  • What type of retrieve did you use?
  • What movement did you give your fly?
  • Did you primarily fish to schools of fish rather than solitary fish?

Steve Farrelly
Conversations with a Bonefish Guide
Steve Farrelly Conversations with a Bonefish Guide

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